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Au cours du Congrès des Audioprothésistes qui s’est déroulé en avril 2015, j’ai eu l’occasion de rencontrer un confrère intéressé par les listes du test phonétique en langue espagnole car lui-même parle l’espagnol et certains de ses patients le parle en tant que langue maternelle.

LAFON 65A THE PRIMARY HEARING (road to language) part 25

3) The LANGUAGE FUNCTION. « The language function relies entirely on psycho-systematic mechanisms. It is a mechanism of abstraction based on abstract symbols and requires tremendously complex auditory integration circuits; it only exists in human beings, while symbolism is also found in animals. The pathological alteration of the language function is called aphasia in adults and, […]

LAFON 64A THE PRIMARY HEARING (road to language) part 24

The past 23 articles detailed what HEARING and LANGUAGE were, individually. But what makes the link between the HEARING and the LANGUAGE? According to Prof. J.C. LAFON, several functions are required to make the transition from hearing to language: 1) The ACOUSTIC FUNCTION. 2) The INTEGRATIVE FUNCTION. 3) The LANGUAGE FUNCTION. 4) Other functions that […]

LAFON 55A THE PRIMARY HEARING (road to language) part 15

I will inevitably get to use the term “language” in the duality of its meaning: language as a system of words used in conventional ways for communication, and language as the production of sounds by the vocal apparatus leading to speech. Can both meanings be considered as analogue? As you would expect, the answer is: […]