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Au cours du Congrès des Audioprothésistes qui s’est déroulé en avril 2015, j’ai eu l’occasion de rencontrer un confrère intéressé par les listes du test phonétique en langue espagnole car lui-même parle l’espagnol et certains de ses patients le parle en tant que langue maternelle.

LAFON 51A THE PRIMARY HEARING (road to language) part 11

Deafs persons, with add-on integrative disorder or not, are, by definition, suffering from deafness which can be highlighted and assessed by pure tone audiometry. They can all benefit from performing speech audiometry. As we’ve already told it, it’s the only means of testing hearing in its entirety.

LAFON 50A THE PRIMARY HEARING (road to language) part 10

Why then, for this patient, is this prognosis wrong in terms of speech understanding in quiet and noisy situations ? Professor J.C. LAFON answers that question in his explanation of how the auditory integration list was developed: « … having young children among my patients, I encountered severe cases of spatial distortions that could only originate […]

LAFON 49A THE PRIMARY HEARING (road to language) part 9

Now, let’s move on to the well known hearing function, that we practice every day in our life and our job : SECONDARY hearing, i.e. communication hearing. Having a hearing test is not only doing one’s best with the only pure tone audiometry. The pure tone audiometry use pure sounds, and the ear is not […]


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