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At last but not the least, let us talk about volume.


Sound reflexion may be heard up to 5 milliseconds between the time a vocal production occurs, and the time to hear it back. That is equivalent, in the air, to an approximative 2 meter distance of sound travel – and thus, to a 1-meter distant object.

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On exerce donc un métier formidable : l’audition permet de développer son langage qui, finalement, est une ouverture sur autre chose !

On exerce donc un métier formidable : on permet aux enfants que l’on appareille de développer/découvrir leur langage !

On exerce donc un métier formidable : on permet aux personnes âgées que l’on appareille de conserver leur langage à un bon niveau, donc d’être toujours dans l’action, d’y être efficaces, d’y être efficientes !

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Let’s continue with talking about the notion of distance.

……….2) ECHO / DISTANCE :

When we are in a mountain area ant that we are shouting, we can hear an echo which returns to us. If the time between the vocal emission’s moment and the return to our ears is superior to 60 milliseconds, then we can perceive an echo.

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PRIMARY hearing is what alerts us, gives us the sense of direction and the notions of distances and volumes. All this, really ?? The primary function of the ear « … is to perceive our environment »(1).

Let us start with direction.



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We can make the voice vary, that is what produces the melody.

This melody is unfolding in time.

Therefore, we must be able to think about what we’re going to tell before telling it.

Because it’s a progression of something in time.

And this « something », we have to be able to think it.

PRIMARY hearing enables us to think, to conceive this notion.

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