LAFON 41A THE PRIMARY HEARING (road to language) part 1

Now, you know the phonetic test’s four lists created by Professor J.C. LAFON. If this is not the case, you can access a repeat session if you go and read the articles « LAFON 4A… » to « LAFON 8A… » in the same blog (these articles will soon be available).

Since then, I have come to think that it would be interesting to inform you about all the Professor LAFON’s work is able to offer in the daily practice of hearing systems.

To begin with, the in extenso title of the Professor J.C. LAFON’s book, dealing with the phonetic test is « THE PHONETIC TEST AND THE MEASUREMENT OF HEARING ». So I want to point out that Professor J.C. LAFON did not only want to tell us abot the phonetic test, but also (and essentially ?) the measure of hearing.

When we complete the phonetic test, we measure hearing. So, I decided to concentrate on hearing, after having focused on the phonetic test for a long time.

Between 1983 and 1990, I had the chance to follow three courses that Professor J.C. LAFON was teaching in Besançon : « hearing impairment of the child », then « bio-acoustic », and last « hearing systems and applied phonetics ». During each gathering, Professor J.C. LAFON used to provide us, among others, BULLETINS OF AUDIOPHONOLOGY, taken from different years, volumes and numbers. In every bulletin of audiophonology, it is noted that a scientific committee « suggests monographs’ topics, authors and texts relating to the themes selected for the publication », and a drafting committee has « the role of spreading themes over the year, depending on the different aspects of audiophonology… ». The definition of audiophonology, which is « adopted by the International Bureau of Audiophonology (BIAP) », is also given in every bulletin of audiophonology : « The purpose of audiophonology is to study human hearing and phonation, as well as speech and language. It includes anatomical, physiological, psychological, acoustic and linguistic aspects of communication. Therefore, it is linked to different fields : medicine, literature and human sciences, as well as natural sciences. Regarding communication disorders : their rehabilitation involves medical, educational, speech and language (or logopedic), as welle as prosthetic parts ; their therapeutics is a medical specialty ».

Among all these bulletins of audiophonology and other publications given by Professor J.C. LAFON, I’ve only kept his own writings.

Thanks to this precious learning source, I could have quite a precise idea of what hearing is. I also noticed that from the moment when Professor J.C. LAFON was evoking hearing, it was inevitably leading to evoke the language too (in terms of language, but also speech and oral expression). Hence the idea I had to inform you about hearing and language/speech, as they are linked with each others.

I have to warn you first, it’s gonna take numerous publications…😉

So if you want to know more, follow me !


(translated from french by E.F.)

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